Linden Clover The Workshop >> Wonderland Edition <<

“We found Wonderland. 

You and I got lost in it. 

We pretended it could last forever.”

Taylor Swift


As we sat down to go through all the photos from the Linden Clover Workshop, we were instantly transported back to a perfect day that we never wanted to end. After months and months of cafe dream-meetings, lengthy text message conversations, and late night epiphanies -- Linden Clover | The Wonderland Edition was brought to life. The whole experience was everything we dreamed of and more. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, tastier food, or a more inspiring group of women and artists. Whether you were there or not, we hope this colorful story of the day is able to inspire you the way it did us.

The fun began the eve before the workshop, where we gathered at Spearhead Coffee in downtown Paso Robles for a Sip & Greet. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Spearhead, you’re missing out on something amazing. The space is inviting, the coffee is spectacular, and the people behind the bar are just plain-old GOOD human beings. Since we were bringing together 7 girls who had never met before in their lives, along with ourselves and several of the Wonderland Team-members -- we had no idea what to expect. But a perfect stranger looking in would have thought every person in the room had been best friends forever. Especially when everyone was gathered around a table making floral head crowns with the beautiful April from April Flowers -- ear-to-ear smiles for days.

One by one, the girls arrived Saturday morning to The Grace Maralyn Estate & Gardens -- a beautiful local wedding venue which quickly became our own personal Wonderland for the day. As they wandered through the door marked by a stunningly freehanded sign (by Sign, Sealed & Delivered), they were told to grab a mysteriously unmarked box. What was inside you ask? Only the cutest coffee mugs you’ve ever seen (designed and provided by The Free Woman, a blog dedicated to empowering women to live their dreams and change the world). After feasting on coffee (provided by Spearhead, of course) and donuts (proved by SLO Donut Co), we got started. 

Not only did the girls get to witness our hearts being poured out into the room, but we also got the opportunity to listen to and chat with two beautifully prestigious Wedding Bloggers: Lauren of Every Last Detail and Megan of Glamour & Grace. They were such a treasure chest full of knowledge and advice, it was so fun getting to pick their brains through the miracle of modern technology.

Afterwards, we headed outside for some hands-on photo fun. Styled shoot number one was truly Wonderland come to life — a farm house table & chairs (provided by All About Events) set for 6, styled to perfection (by Kacey of Spark & Sparkle Events) with unique linens (from La Tavola) colored glasses, copper details, wild florals (by the flower queen herself, April Flowers), and quirky details; a dessert-scape stacked tall with delectable donuts (from SLO Donut Company, of course) upon a vintage buffet (one of the many stunning pieces from Embellish Vintage Rentals); a full stationary suite, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before (created by the one and only Kerry of Olive & Emerald); the scene was made complete by a bride who looked as though she might have just wandered off the pages of a Vogue Magazine (a look that wouldn’t have existed without the incredible Amy of The Blushed Company).

All that gorgeousness was sure to give us quite the appetite, so you can imagine our excitement when our lunch arrived in the form of The Pairing Knife food truck!!! After ordering from a specially designed menu, we sat down to a charming picnic scene and enjoyed a delicious meal, inspired conversation, and lots of Vitamin D.

The weather was just too perfect to go back indoors, so once lunch was over we moved to the shade for a demonstration of all things post-processing. Right before we threw each lovely lady in FRONT of the camera for a valuable lesson in what it feels like....

As the sun began to sink towards the hills, we made a small trip up the hill to a view overlooking the green hills and valleys of Atascadero for styled shoot number two — a beautifully styled couple, head over heels in love. We were instantly obsessed with our model’s 2nd look which was styled by H&G Boutique with edgy jewelry and another perfect Wonderland dress by For Love & Lemons. It was so fun and inspiring to watch each and every photographer put what they’d learned into action and bring their own unique creative visions to life as we traipsed all over the hillside, cameras in hand. We hoped the sun would never set, because that would mean our day in Wonderland had come to an end.

Where else could we possibly finish such an dreamy day but gathered around a cozy corner table at Odyssey World Cafe downtown Paso Robles? We wanted for nothing — culinary delights, amazing local wine, and more belly-laughs than we could even handle.  

What a day. WHAT A DAY. 
We couldn’t have handpicked a better collective of dreamers to attend our workshop. 
We couldn’t have imagined a better team of vendors & sponsors to bring our Wonderland vision to life. 
We couldn’t have asked for a greater adventure. 
It was perfect. 
A dream come true. 
And we already can’t WAIT to do it again. 

We hope to see you next year at Linden Clover {The Workshop}.

Meet SLO Donut Company

From the very beginning stages of this workshop, our heart and passion has been for things that are DIFFERENT. We're tired of seeing the same things at every wedding, tired of seeing brides and artists alike do things because that's what they're "supposed to do" and that's what "everyone else is doing". Thus -- DONUTS. Forget about the 30-tiered cake. DONUTS.

We are BEYOND excited to announce that SLO Donut Company will be providing edible works of art for The Linden Clover Workshop.

Is your mouth watering yet??? 


Meet Spearhead Coffee

A little over a month ago, some friends of ours opened the doors for their Cafe. Words could never rightly describe the amount of time, hard work, and creativity that these amazing coffee dreamers poured into this beautiful place. They are truly the perfect example of realizing you want to do something and just GOING FOR IT -- despite what logic or the fearful part of their brains might have been saying. They dreamed up a place for artists, business folk, and just plain old coffee lovers could gather and form a community. 

This lovely little establishment will be hosting us for Friday night's Sip & Greet, where you will get to meet your fellow Wonderlanders and be served pour-over coffees, wine, and noms. 

We can't wait to see you there!

{photo by : Sabrina Klomp}

Meet Kerry of Olive & Emerald

We're taking Linden Clover to the next level for our upcoming Wonderland Workshop, and we just knew we needed to have a makeover. Kerry of Olive & Emerald was a no-brainer and she took Linden Clover and created an identity for it that we could only dream about. Her attention to detail, her creative spirit, and her love for all things paper, help to make her absolutely incredible. We are so honored to be working with her and can't wait to see what other beauties she creates for us in the future! 

>> check out her lovely website here!! << 

Introducing The Grace Maralyn

Words cannot describe how EXCITED we are about the actual location of the workshop. 

The Grace Maralyn Estate & Gardens is nestled in the beautiful back roads of Atascadero, CA. The 3,000 square foot Victorian home sits on 3 acres of rolling lawns, darling rose gardens, and a rustic barn built in the 1800's -- a heaven on earth for any photographer. This lovely haven is owned & operated by The Morris Family, who named the venue after their totes adorable eldest daughter. 

We hope you find this place as cozy and inspiring as we have, and can't wait to explore it with you. 

>> Check out their website HERE <<

Meet Lauren of Every Last Detail

One topic we will be pouring our hearts out about during the workshop is the importance of building relationships in your industry. Lauren of "Every Last Detail" wedding blog is one of the best examples of how to set yourself apart from others in your industry solely by the level of PERSONAL-NESS she brings to her work. She magically creates the perfect balance of "professionalism" and "let's be friends"ism, and we are so excited to have her share some tips and tricks with you.

Her blog not only features beautiful wedding photos and inspiration, but well written & researched insight for brides to assist them in the entire wedding planning process.

We trust you will find her and her vision as uniquely powerful and inspiring as we do!!!

>> see what we're talking about on her beautiful blog HERE <<

Meet Megan of Glamour & Grace

We are so excited to have Megan of the beautiful Glamour & Grace wedding blog joining The Wonderland Team! Not only is Megan an absolutlely lovely person, but she has supported us since we started submitting weddings to be featured online. We got the chance to meet her at WPPI in Las Vegas a few years ago and we have remained great friends with her ever since! 

Glamour & Grace is dedicated to showcaseing daily wedding inspiration with all the best in vintage weddings, DIY ideas and handmade details. We can't wait to share her insight into the wedding blogging world with all of our Wonderland workshop attendees! 

>> wanna see some really pretty things? head on over to her website HERE <<

Meet The Free Woman

We came across The Free Woman on Instagram and instantly, I mean, instantly, fell in love with everything they were posting, everything they stood for and everything they were about. 

put simply, The Free Woman is: a celebration of the feminine heart. She is so lovely, so free.

Yes, Linden Clover is a photography workshop, but how can you be the best photographer you can be if you are not sure who 'you' are. One of our huge focuses at the workshop is digging into who you are as an artist and figuring out how to use those pieces of yourself in your work and in your every day life. Confidence is a tricky subject, and the world can be a scary mess of images, thoughts, and people who make you feel not worthy. The Free Woman sets out to empower dreams, help you believe in your soul, and encourage you to be the most beautiful self you can be. Which is everything that Linden Clover loves. We knew we had to have TFW be a part of the Linden Clover Wonderland Team, and we are honored to have them. 

>> Do yourself a huge favor and check out The Free Woman's website HERE <<

Meet Kacey of Spark & Sparkle Events

    After planning &amp; styling her own wedding in July, this beautiful girl realized she had a talent that could NOT go to waste. Thus began&nbsp;Spark &amp; Sparkle Events.&nbsp;  This girl is equal parts quirky goodness and brutal honesty. She speaks her mind and pours her heart into everything she touches. Her imagination is one of a kind, which makes her a perfect fit for the workshop's&nbsp;Wonderland vibe.&nbsp;  Alongside April ( April Flowers ), we cannot WAIT how these darling artists bring our young, wild&nbsp;&amp; free Wonderland to life.&nbsp;    &gt;&gt; Check out Kacey's website HERE &lt;&lt;


After planning & styling her own wedding in July, this beautiful girl realized she had a talent that could NOT go to waste. Thus began Spark & Sparkle Events. 

This girl is equal parts quirky goodness and brutal honesty. She speaks her mind and pours her heart into everything she touches. Her imagination is one of a kind, which makes her a perfect fit for the workshop's Wonderland vibe. 

Alongside April (April Flowers), we cannot WAIT how these darling artists bring our young, wild & free Wonderland to life. 

>> Check out Kacey's website HERE <<

Meet Amy of The Blushed Company

Every girl likes to feel pretty, especially on their wedding day. 

Amy Castaniero of The Blushed Company never fails to create the most beautiful hair & makeup that makes every girl feel like a rockstar. She loves what she does and is absolutely incredible at it. Amy has a knack for making you feel like the most glowing and beautiful version of yourself, without making it feel like you're wearing a ton of makeup, and don't even get us started on the things she can do with your hair, she has some serious superpowers. 

We were lucky enough to have Amy at The Be You Edition and we just knew we had to have her as part of The Wonderland Team!  

>>Check out Amy's Website<<


Meet April of April Flowers

It goes without saying that good florals can make or break a wedding. 
So as we dreamed up our hands-on bridal inspired shoot for {the WONDERLAND edition} workshop, our minds and hearts immediately landed on April. & we HAD to have her. 

April's passion and inspiration for all things living and blooming shows through her work. 
Her creativity and imagination are so fantastically unique and one of a kind.
And as if all that weren't enough, she also happens to be a SUPER rad human being. 

We are over-the-moon excited to have her as part of our Wonderland Team. 
And we can't WAIT for you to meet her and be inspired by her, too. 

>> Check out April's WEBSITE <<


Olive & Emerald |

We can't thank Kerry over at Olive & Emerald  enough for her incredible work bringing Linden Clover to life. She took our dream and made it visible with our beautiful new logo design. 

Kerry is based in San Luis Obispo, CA but is available nationwide - shoot her an email for all your design needs!