Beth H. - “Linden Clover Workshops are much more than a workshop. You gain inspiration from fellow creatives and more importantly support and friendship from people in the same boat as yourself. Don't wonder, just go sign up."

Lisa F. - "My Linden Clover workshop experience was beyond anything I expected in every way - company, venue, food, education, support, resources, and hosts. Every detail was so thoughtful and carefully executed. Being surrounded by such talent and support in a beautiful and incredibly welcoming environment was life-changing. I truly cannot wait for my next experience with these empowering women."

Erika P. - “I can’t express how grateful I feel to be a part of this workshop. While I am a creative, I am not a professional photographer, and I felt nervous joining this group of very talented women. All I can say is that, not only did Lindsey and Sarah help me at every turn, but ALL of these wonderful ladies embraced me and helped me with my technical questions. What’s more is Sarah and Lindsey have a gift at creating a culture of fun, friendship and realness that permeates the life-giving nature of this workshop. If you are considering taking the leap and joining the Lindon Clover experience—in the words of Nike—JUST DO IT!!”


>> WONDERLAND edition <<


Nikki R. - "From the moment I met Lindsey & Sarah it felt as if we had known each other for centuries. They both have this uncanny ability of making everybody feel like a somebody! I could barely sleep the night before the workshop because I was SO anxious to see all the beauty this duo had put together as well as really getting to know my fellow wonderlanders! Let me just tell you- the day was nothing short of spectacular. From hearing our fearless leaders get completely candid about their businesses, discussing marketing/branding & post processing techniques, even down to the intricate details that were thought up during our 2 gorgeous styled shoots.. I was blown away. But most importantly to me I gained amazing relationships with a group of gals whom I can happily call friends to this day.  It was like we were all kindred spirits coming together for one memorable weekend. I feel like I've only continued to grow and improve in my photography journey since I had the pleasure of attending this workshop and I can't wait to see what the next one will bring!"

Ashley F. - "As a new photographer and one who hadn't attended a workshop before I was unsure of what to expect to be honest. I didn't even really know what I was hoping to gain from it; inspiration, to challenge myself, photographer friends, camera setting insights, editing tips?... And looking back I'm glad I went into it blind because I left that amazing time most of all filled with passion to continue on. It was humbling, emotional and encouraging to see and hear how other women in this industry took a dream and turned it into a lucrative business. This is a profession that we can not only have fun in the day to day with but also have the opportunity to make a living with the right tools. Time with the Linden Clover gals provided such valuable insight on how they continue to grow, learn and provide! And did I mention the donuts?! So many donuts. #lindenclovererforlife"

Stephanie G. - "I can't even express how extremely blessed I feel to have experienced the Wonderland Edition! Sarah and Lindsey are two of the most talented, inspiring and just awesome people I know. The passion they have for photography is infectious and their ability to make you feel comfortable while encouraging you to explore your own creativity is extraordinary! Every little detail for this workshop was picturesque, you could tell everyone involved put their whole heart into creating a memorable workshop. I will forever be a Linden Clover Workshop addict!"

Marissa W. - "Oh, Linden Clover. I had the privilege of attending two of the beautiful workshops, the BE YOU edition as well as the WONDERLAND edition. Both did not disappoint. Aside from getting to hang out in amazing settings, eat incredible food (donuts and coffee, hello!) with talented photographers you walk away with a better idea and confidence of your own skillset. The workshops have given me that extra push to know I CAN do this, as well as creating lasting relationships with other photographers within the community, makes for a real kick butt experience! Thank you Lindsay & Sarah!"

Heidi T. - "This was my first photography workshop, so I didn’t really know what to expect going into this. I am a shy person by nature, so the idea of meeting all these talented people whom I had never met prior left me completely anxious and scared. But all my fears and worries were washed away the second I stepped into the workshop. These two ladies, whom I have looked up to for years, were so welcoming and beaming with so much joy. It was such an amazing experience all around. I learned so much across the board not only as a photographer, but on a personal level as well. My confidence in myself and my work grew in such a short amount of time because of this workshop and all of the love and support that was shared all day among everyone. I left with an overwhelming sense of pride and so many emotions, I literally found myself crying tears of joy as I was editing my images. I thank Lindsey and Sarah for their knowledge and encouragement they gave to all of us who attended that magical day, forever grateful."


>> ‘BE YOU’ edition <<

Jessica H. - "Experiencing the "Be You" workshop was one of the most inspiring weekends I've had. It is the perfect workshop for new aspiring photographers who want to not only grow in their skills, but also grow in their style and confidence as an artist. Sarah and Lindsey are sofull of passion, and I love how encouraging they are toward other photographers who are wanting to build their skills. I wish I could go every year!!"

Mandy E. - "I could honestly write you an entire letter about how much I took away from your last workshop. With one of the top things being confidence... That I CAN take and DO take awesome photos and that I CAN DO that for others. If I had not done your Workshop I don't think I would have ever been brave enough to tackle my first wedding last year (which turned into two and both of them as a first shooter too! You two ladies are just awesome."
Ciera T. - "Lindsey and Sarah are not only two of my very favorite local photographers, but also favorite people in general. Their talent and passion for photography is undeniable, and their zest for life is contagious. I wasn't sure what to expect, and as a very beginner at photography was slightly nervous what I was getting myself into, but from the moment I walked in the door for the Be You workshop I felt completely at ease and comfortable. Sarah and Lindsey took the time to get to know each and every one of us and truly listened to what we were trying to get out of the workshop. They were open and honest, and above all encouraging. They covered SO many topics and the insight they offered was beyond priceless. The best part was ending the workshop with the hands on photo shoot, when we got to apply what we had just learned and also bounce ideas and questions off of them, it was magical. From start to finish, the workshop was fun, knowledgeable, and inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about photography. I am forever grateful!"

Ashley W. - "My workshop experience with Sarah and Lindsey was one I will never forget. They made the workshop experience so welcoming and so fun I didn't want it to end! They created an atmosphere which wasn't intimidating and were so knowledgeable in answering all of my questions. I made some lifelong friends while attending their workshop and am so grateful the workshop brought us together. There is something about spending time with other creative minds that is so empowering. When I left I felt more confident as a photographer and took away skills to better myself as an artist. I have so much respect for Sarah and Lindsey as photographers I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend their workshop and hope to attend another in the future!" 

Marissa W. - "The workshop for me was an all-around fantastic experience. I took away a knowledge of a little bit about everything - marketing, editing, posing, branding - plus we got to see Lindsey & Sarah in action with some outdoor shooting with crazy gorgeous light, which was a nice bonus (talk about hands-on learning!) I was able to connect with some other photographers, many of which I still keep in touch with! I'm thinking about attending another so I can continue to learn and grow as a photographer!"