Meet The Free Woman

We came across The Free Woman on Instagram and instantly, I mean, instantly, fell in love with everything they were posting, everything they stood for and everything they were about. 

put simply, The Free Woman is: a celebration of the feminine heart. She is so lovely, so free.

Yes, Linden Clover is a photography workshop, but how can you be the best photographer you can be if you are not sure who 'you' are. One of our huge focuses at the workshop is digging into who you are as an artist and figuring out how to use those pieces of yourself in your work and in your every day life. Confidence is a tricky subject, and the world can be a scary mess of images, thoughts, and people who make you feel not worthy. The Free Woman sets out to empower dreams, help you believe in your soul, and encourage you to be the most beautiful self you can be. Which is everything that Linden Clover loves. We knew we had to have TFW be a part of the Linden Clover Wonderland Team, and we are honored to have them. 

>> Do yourself a huge favor and check out The Free Woman's website HERE <<